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  • Holy Mt. Fuji Drive - Short-Term Cruising on the Foot of Mt. Fuji -

    As a short and relaxed tour, it consists of a brief visit to Fuji Speedway, a race track with FIA Grade 1 license, driving on mountain passes on the foot of Mt. Fuji, and cruising around Lake Yamanaka. During the tour, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as a peek at JDM motorsport scene in Fuji Speedway. If you just would like to relish a bid of JDM culture, this tour is for you.

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  * Basic auto insurance, tour guide fee, and tax included, while gasoline and tolls for rental car excluded

Points of Interest during the Tour


13:00-13:30 Opening Session
13:30-16:30 Drive with Stops at Certain View Points along the Way
- Fuji Speedway -
- Mikuni & Myojin Touge -
- Lake Yamanaka -
- Oshino Hakkai -
16:30-17:00 Closing Session

* The route is subject to change due to weather conditions, traffic congestions, and so forth

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