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For any car enthusiasts to best enjoy our cars on some of the greatest roads in Japan, we have developed English-based guided tours, whereby you can enjoy driving our car(s) on a number of exotic roads while being led by our pace car. Five-star rated among our happy participants, the tours are available to anyone who has a driver's license valid in Japan, and there is no age restriction on it. To accommodate diverse needs, we have (A) STANDARD GUIDED TOURS as well as (B) CUSTOM GUIDED TOURS.


Standard Guided Tours are driving adventures where you pick a car and drive it on a route best composed by Fun2Drive. Their dates and schedule are predetermined respectively, and we currently have 4 Standard Guided Tours available.

Tour Day/Time * Basic Rate ** Link to Details
Holy Mt. Fuji Drive - Short-Term Cruising on the Foot of Mt. Fuji - MWF 9:00-13:00
(TuTh 13:00-17:00)
¥30-70K Link to Details
Ultimate Hakone Drive - Medium-Term Intensive Driving - MWF 12:00-18:00 ¥37-100K Link to Details
Mt. Fuji & Hakone Drive - Intensive Driving & Cruising - MWF 9:00-18:00 ¥50-150K Link to Details
Instant Exotic Drive - Cruising on Scenic Twisty Roads - TuTh 1hr ***
b/w 9:00-12:00
¥25-50K Link to Details
* No Standard Guided Tours are to be conducted for weekends and national holidays in Japan. The schedule will be restructured toward Year 2018.
** Auto insurance, tour guide fee, and tax included, while gasoline and tolls for rental car excluded
*** A tour departs at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00


For those who want a guided tour with more flexibility in time and route, we provide you with a custom guided tour whereby you can customize a pick-up time, duration, and route for your own Fun2Drive experience. For your custom guided tour, you have a choice of 1, 3, 5, and 8 hours, for which the rates are as follows:

Duration Basic Rate(s)* of Applicable Plan + Custom Charge
3hrs Holy Mt. Fuji Drive + ¥16,200      Gasoline and Tolls
 +              for
   Rental and Pace Cars
5hrs Ultimate Hakone Drive + ¥22,680
8hrs Hakone & Mt. Fuji Drive + ¥25,920
Pilot Tour!! => 1hr Instant Exotic Drive + ¥10,800
* There could be one or multiple cars for a group of people
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