CAR RENTAL without Guide

As general information, our services are exclusive to Fun2Drive members and a member can rent one car at a time. To become a member, overseas resident and/or non-Japanese national is required to present the following documents:

  • Home driver’s license
  • International driving permit based on the 1949 Geneva Convention or equivalent (N/A to a Japanese driver’s license holder)
    For more details, please click here.
  • Passport (to be pledged during your rental)
  • Proof of employment

* Membership registration/renewal fee JPY1,080

Qualifications & Terms and

You are qualified to hire and drive our car without guide if:

  • you (and all other drivers if any) are 26 years old and above AND
  • your group is to hire less than 3 cars and the number of drivers are less than 5

To drive our car without guide, you are required to agree to:

  • present a credit card with a remaining credit line (or debit card with a remaining balance) of JPY600,000 on site <= CAN be reduced to JPY400,000 with purchase of deductible (excess) reduction
  • pay non-refundable insurance premium of JPY7,560 per day <= WAIVED with proof of JPN domestic full coverage auto insurance
  • take a 30-min. driving session for JPY5,400 <= WAIVED for a non-first-time customer and/or Japanese driver's license holder

* If anyone is considered inappropriate, he/she may be declined to drive our car

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